Eat and Drink – Montpellier Quarter

A trip to the Montpellier Quarter in Cheltenham is a real delight for any gastronome. The area is filled with independent restaurants of all types, but you will also find plenty of well-known food chains that can also be found in many other towns and cities including London.

Those who are used to dining out in London will know that there are plenty of opportunities for al fresco dining and the same is certainly true for Montpellier Quarter of Cheltenham. Cafes and restaurants in the area have a very cosmopolitan vibe, and a meal or snack in one of the bistros is a great way to end a shopping trip.

Close by is the Brewery Quarter, also home to some great cafes, bars, and restaurants. If you want to make a night of it, many of them will also put on entertainment, particularly on the weekends. Both local musicians and internationally-known stars have been known to put on a gig or two in the region.

Why not visit the area when one of the many food or drink-related festivals are being organised? Even if you visit when one of the literature or music festivals is happening, there are plenty of special options when it comes to dining out. The annual Science festival takes you through the science of whiskey, and there are always a few samples out for you to try as well as an opportunity to purchase a bottle or two.

Another similarity with London is the food and drink tours that you can take part in. In Cheltenham, you visit specialty stores such as bakeries and cheese stores, as well as the artisan ice cream and chocolate shops. Check out the tourist information desk for more details on the tour and book a place in advance if you can as they fill up very quickly.

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