The Best Tourist Spots in London

London has a lot of tourist hotspots but not all are famous. Attractions such as The London Eye and Buckingham Palace, for example, are always worth a visit, but why not include a few places that are a little off the beaten path? You may surprise yourself.

The London Eye

The giant Ferris Wheel located on the Thames River is truly worth a visit. Not just for the experience and the chance to say you have been, but for the Instagram opportunities you will get when you reach the top.

The Palaces

You can visit Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, The Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace while in the city. Even though they are located so close to each other, they are all unique and have their individual place. History lovers are sure to enjoy a palace tour.

Highgate Cemetery

For a somewhat different experience, why not take a trip to Highgate Cemetery? The final resting place of Malcolm Maclaren and Karl Marx are an interesting place to take a stroll. The Victorian buildings are breathtaking and you can even take a guided tour to the areas of the cemetery closed off to visitors.

If you are hoping to wander further afield then Windsor is certainly worth a visit, there is something for the whole family there. Legoland is great fun for kids and of course, the not to be missed Windsor Castle is definitely a must-visit.

If you want to go shopping but don’t want to be trapped in London’s bustle, then you could consider the Montpellier Quarter in Cheltenham, quite a distance from London, but a great experience nonetheless. You will feel and experience London in the buildings and architecture on the streets, but with much less foot traffic. Getting a table in a restaurant is easier, and the bar prices are much more affordable.

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